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Yup I haven't posted in ages, a lot has happened in my life since I started writing Musings of Lost Souls. Things have come up, which have been pretty much testing me as an individual. It was for a while very hard to  express on pen and paper, but I am very thankful to those people who pushed me and made me reignite my love of writing. So I share with you at the moment work in progress, it doesn't have a name till now but I think it's worth sharing. Hope you like it. 

Rummy xx 


The familiar piano tune started playing as the earphones were placed rightfully deep into her ears. The electronic vibe of the song got her heart to ache as she smiled trying to ignore what her heart was trying to hint out. She was bare foot with her simple black pumps held in her hands. She was walking towards a familiar place; her safe haven when the weight of the world seemed to crash on her shoulders. The scenery always managed to keep her at awe only this time it was different. Memories kept haunting her as she saw the beautiful old simple houses aligned with the older women sitting outside enjoying the beautiful weather. The mountain in front of her reminded her of how strong she was to overcome it all. She walked further but braced herself from what was to come. Taking a deep breath, she felt her feet meet the cold stone surface of the stairs then immediately turned to her right. She was at the entrance of her dream home. She looked at the carved brown wooden door and felt that ache grow stronger. She stared further at the groves and carvings of the traditional door and reminisced on what could have been; a life full of smiles and giggles as she chased her child playing hide and seek while he was behind following their footsteps in their little old town home.  

Now that life which she imagined for years no longer existed, he no longer was a part of her life nor would her future kids carry his name anymore. She let out a deep sigh as she turned to the cold stone stairs and headed out towards the beautiful scenery which she hoped would make her forget everything. Coming down the half broken long-standing stairs; the ones that witnessed their love grow as they had their meals, long conversations and enjoyed their long cuddles and hugs on them, the caramel beach sand was waiting to embrace her. She felt emancipated for a few seconds as the grains of golden granules absorbed her energy until reality struck her in flashbacks. She was back to being alone and secretive just like she was years ago. She was back to that dark place who no one understood but him. She was all alone trying to figure out the mystery behind why he left.  The beat dropped and her heart broke a little more as the lyrics continued to explain exactly how she felt at that moment.

Nothing to hold but the memories and frames 
Oh they remind me of the battle I face
Without your love, without you I drown
Somebody save me I'm going down


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